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Certified Real Estate Divorce Specialist


If you are going thru a divorce and have Real Estate to sell, then you need a Real Estate Divorce Specialist who can not only empathize with your situation, but also understands the legal, financial and tax implications of dividing real estate in a divorce. 

Divorce is such a minefield of emotions and legalities that it presents a unique challenge for REALTORS.  You need a Real Estate Divorce Specialist (REDS) with training and experience in working with divorcing couples.  Real Estate Divorce Specialists do more than just sell houses; we facilitate cooperation between divorcing couples and their respective attorneys if needed. Cooperation will reduce stress levels and promote more advantageous terms.  


Training and ability to offer unbiased guidance to both parties.

In addition to being REDS certified, I have experience working with divorcing couples and I have also gone through the divorce process myself, so I have experienced firsthand the financial, emotion, and custodial issues that divorcing couples face. 

Additionally, I have 20 years of experience as an Accountant, tax preparer, financial advisor and stock market investor, so I can help guide you on some important questions to ask your accountant, tax preparer and/or financial planner.  If don't have one of the professionals helping your or aren't happy with the one you have, I have an excellent referral network and can introduce you to someone who will help you.


Real Estate due diligence is essential. 

Deciding what you're going to do with your house may be one of the biggest decisions you will make during your divorce.  You don't want a stranger in a black robe (a judge) making your decisions.  Ideally, the decision regarding the house should be based on mutual agreement, without court intervention.   As part of my service, I provide a comprehensive Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to help you see your home's value in today's market.  Many times the family home is the most valuable asset in a divorce; however, when dividing marital property, Appraised amount minus Mortgage does NOT necessarily mean equal equity!  Using this equation could leave your house over-valued, and that can work against you.

You may also wonder whether renting or buying is best for your next home and how much home you can afford.  I have tools to help compare your options and make an informed decision.  This information can also be helpful when talking to your attorney about your case.  


Represent both parties impartially and with complete transparency to accomplish the goal of selling the home.

During a divorce, the amount of time it can take to sell the home can be critical.  The primary goal is to sell the home as quickly as possible for as much as possible and get to allow both parties to move on.  There are several key elements divorcing spouses often disagree on, such as how to price the home, when to make price reductions, how much they are willing to accept, how to handle showings, and more.


Your Attorney Specializes in Divorce . . . your REALTOR should too!



*While I cannot provide legal or tax advice, I am trained in the legal and tax aspects of the divorce process as it relates to real estate*